Notebooks are often seen as a creative icon and tool exclusively for poets, writers and illustrators. But why ? Anyone can use a notebook. It does, however, require you to learn a new life habit. At the beginning, it may be tough, and you’ll have to make a concerted effort to use it every day. But, gradually, it’ll become second nature. What can you use it for ? Anything, you decide – jotting down notes, experimenting with new ideas, writing a diary or daydreaming as you doodle. 
What kind of notebook ? It’s a question of practicality, it really depends how you’re going to use it – some prefer large writing surfaces, others miniature versions. We believe it’s important you feel comfortable and can use the notebook on the go. This is why we’ve created 6 different notebook formats from small pocket notepads to giant workbooks.  


How do you choose the most adapted format that you’re most likely to use regularly ? Image your notebook as an extension of you – capturing fleeting ideas as you walk and spending quality time together in a café, waiting room or train. 
Portrait or landscape format ? Kraft or leather cover? Plain or lined paper? With La Compagnie du Kraft notebooks you have a choice of different finishes to test without completely changing your notebook – simply keep the cover (whether personalised or not) and add a new refill pad when it’s time to top up. 


When notebook lovers discover La Compagnie du Kraft, they often ask us if we make travel notebooks. And, we always reply, “ what exactly is a travel notebook for you ? ” And, the answer is very often, “ I don’t know ! ” People sometimes mention the materials, the quality of the cover or a page layout where you can add the date. But, when it comes down to it, a travel notebook is still a notebook. At our workshop, we have a very clear idea of what a travel notebook should be, inspired by the lumberman notebooks at the roots of our collections and history. The notebook needs to withstand extreme conditions without breaking apart at the slightest drop of moisture – using glue is therefore out of the question (and not particularly environmentally friendly either). A travel notebook can have a Kraft paper or leather cover but must be very robust.  In our case, the reinforced Kraft covers are not only reusable but also indestructible thanks to the strong natural fibres. As for our leather covers, we’re rooted in a world of high-quality harnesses and vegetable tanned leather that lasts for generations. 
To sum up, a notebook should be robust and hardwearing, repairable in extreme conditions, refillable and offer an easy to way to archive your words and ideas. A limited environmental impact and easy personalisation are also high on the agenda. Our notebooks – whether for not for travel – can be accessed via our website wherever you are in the world. So, write, breath, imagine ! 


The logbook is the latest addition to the La Compagnie du Kraft website directly from our workshop. This logbook was initially designed for an array of uses - from a personal diary to a more structured notebook - to complement your digital tools with a more direct, spontaneous approach to writing. Since being launched in 2012, our first logbook has continued to flourish. However, our loyal users asked us to also adapt the logbook into an agenda. So, you can now choose between the two versions with different formats and a leather cover that’s easy to personalise. 
Refillable, like most of our notebooks, this logbook isn’t the easiest of products to produce, so there are only a limited number available. Given the soaring sales of agenda refill pads, La Compagnie du Kraft now has two launches, in September and December. We also hold pre-sales twice a year to encourage you order in advance, so we can keep up with demand. The personal diary has been appropriated by technophiles who want to keep a small part of their life outside the cloud.


Don’t worry about wasting pages with useless scribbles or frivolous words. Let your creativity roam free ! That brilliant idea may not fall from the sky, but amazing things often happen by chance. So, go out, watch, observe, visit and discover. Writing and drawing are an adventure. So, what are you waiting for ?