The family-run Tannerie Arnal is one of our closest and most trusted partners. Created by August Arnal in 1880 near Rodez on the banks of Aveyron river, the tannery initially created leather harnesses. Today it produces vegetable tanned leather based on environmentally friendly processes and natural substances obtained from tree bark.Overseeing each step, from the obtaining hide to checking the finish product, Tannerie Arnal selects only the finest raw materials to provide us with premium leather for our collections. Since 2008, with the support of the tannery, the workshop has developed 7 leather shades especially for our notebooks and agendas, all of them are 100% French and vegetable tanned with an oiled finish. Julie checks each creation individually with the greatest care.


Each leather notebook comprises 4 elements : full-grain french leather, Kraft Paper from pure wood fibres, special La Compagnie du Kraft binding screws for easy assembly (and disassembly), and an elastic strap to close the notebook. Each piece of leather is unique and made from Limousin calfskin for maximum robustness, dyed in crisscrossed sections (full depth) and cut with 2.2 - 2.4 mm raw edges. The result is sensual, but highly resistant. The paper is then hand-screwed into the leather cover. All orders are custom-made in our workshop. Each notebook is signed by the person who prepare it, as a proud symbol of their leather and assembly savoir-faire. Marion is ready to take your orders.


The highly resistant leather we use to craft our notebooks is obtained using natural vegetable tanning techniques (this means no chrome). The oiled finish allows us to shape the thick yet supple material, which constantly evolves. Its sensitivity to U.V. light is, without doubt, one of its defining features. The patina changes depending on how you use the notebook, to reveal different facets over time.These leather notebooks do not require any specific care and can be happily left to face the hazards of modern living - their covers will bear the traces of all your adventures together. Never fear, these idiosyncrasies do not in any way undermine the robustness of the leather. And, if your are determined to take extra special care of your notebook, we can give you a few tried-and-tested household tricks - just let us know.A gentle word of advice : remember oiled leather is a living material affected by changes in temperature. Think twice before leaving your notebook gently tanning behind a window or in direct light in the height of summer. The skin may shrink a little, altought in many ways this is also part of the charm.