LA COMPAGNIE DU KRAFT is the least productive producer of notebooks in the western world. You could say it’s what makes us special.
We’ve been making notebooks for professional forest rangers since 1930.
Don’t expect our notebooks to be handy or “user friendly”, because their design philosophy isn’t influenced by the modern era. But they are practical, thanks to the talent our all-female production team puts into each one.
And if you’re looking for a tough tool that almost nobody else has or uses, and your patience is as limitless as your love for life off the beaten track, then our indestructible notebooks are for you.


Our products originate from a working-class culture: lumberjacks from the Landes region would jot down their notes regarding tree-feeling on notepads.
Some of these notes were destined for the women overlooking the silviculture. You can just picture it: woodcutters with gnarled hands writing home to their wives. 

That said, we didn’t come across any love letters.

We have made one major change, however, not just in fabrication but in the evolution of our products, now exclusively in the infinitely more pragmatic and delicate hands of women.


Up until now, LA COMPAGNIE DU KRAFT is not a brand. It is just a workshop lodged at the back of a courtyard of a Parisian suburb and capable of producing a couple of thousand notebooks.

Meet Philippe, the last male bastion in an almost exclusively female production shop.
Our historic typographer has passed on his wisdom to this new generation now taking over the mantle.

The breath of fresh air that passes through the workshop seems to catch our visitor's attention: in the midst of machines from the sixties and leaden block letters, they close their eyes and allow their thoughts to drift.
We manufacture these products of yesteryears without changing the manner in which they were done from the very beginning.
We have a workshop which, admittedly, is mechanical, little space to work in, and a paradoxically delicate way of doing things. Our typographers are very sure of their workmanship, but their actions may seem hesitant. 
Hesitation is the time needed for good ideas to take shape.


Popular doesn’t mean for all, it can even mean the contrary.
We have inherited this culture. We are a little pocket of positive resistance against ultra consumerism. We’ll prove it to you: don’t buy anymore notebooks. Just buy one. Use it slowly, and fully. Time will make of it a product that not even your rich neighbor will be able to get his hands on, and for good reasons. He wouldn’t have given his notebook the time needed to mature, ripen, and get better with age.
When LA COMPAGNIE DU KRAFT decided to give a new lease of life to its Campagne notebook for forest rangers in 2008, we had no idea where the future would take it.
Well, now we know.
With 25,000 notebooks coming off the Poissy line in 2015, we reached 50% of our production capacity.
We exported nearly 60% of them around the globe from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.
And believe it or not, we have a laid-back approach to selling.
Because our growth model relies exclusively on word of mouth and a minimal marketing culture.
So, if you feel like taking a breath of fresh air, come and visit us and see for yourself that not everything has to be done at a frenetic pace. We’ll be glad to meet and share with you, free and easy.