The process used to create our Kraft paper is completely closed-loop. This means we collect and recycle the chemical products and materials used during manufacturing to transform waste into a source of energy e.g. by adding additives, special treatments, cellulose fibres. Creating our own energy and minimising consumption is essential for our manufacturing site to become more environmentally friendly. So far, using closed-loop processes and a regenerative heating system, our factory at Mimizan is completely autonomous in steam and produces 50% of its own electricity. 


Forests cover more than 15 million hectares in France, that’s 25% of the country. And this is growing by 50,000 ha each year thanks to the economic revalorisation of wood waste by the paper industry. This is an essential step in guaranteeing the maintenance, replanting and growth of such a vital resource. In France, our forest heritage spans 135 different species. To preserve this rich eco-system, the paper industry works with sustainable species such as pine, fir, birch and eucalyptus. It goes without saying that the uncontrolled destruction of tropical forests and their native species is neither desirable or practical – their fibres aren’t at all adapted to papermaking. 


The natural fibres used by La Compagnie du Kraft are a sustainable raw material that is 100% recycled and recyclable, ensuring the forests in the French Landes are managed sustainably. Our factory uses this raw material (and nothing else) to make our paper from non-bleached virgin fibres, including sub-products from forest management (branches, tree tops and wood shavings) and transformation (fallen and offcuts). A natural and necessary process in any cultivated forest, thinning aims to remove frail, misshapen young trees to create more space for the others to grow and keep the forest healthy. 


Our notebooks are beautiful objects. The paper too. In partnership with Gascogne Papier, we have developed a special starched surface that closes the paper on the matte side to make it just as comfortable for writing as traditional white paper (OGM-free, of course). Based on natural processes, this innovation gives you yet another reason to test our Kraft paper. Forget the idea that Kraft paper is only used for wrapping, at Compagnie du Kraft, it is a sensual writing surface with delicate nuances and an irresistible texture. 


When Nicolas Recoing, an entrepreneur with a slightly offbeat vision, revived the printing company at Poissy, he knew it was a long-term project. The deep know-how was dimming with the third generation of typographers, although not yet completely extinct. He decided that these beautiful gestures had to be kept alive, at any price. 
Customers are ever more accustomed to getting everything right away and don’t always have the time to appreciate this kind of extraordinary know-how. And, one thing this kind of product needs is time. The world is changing, yes. But why not try and make more space for sincerity, caring and objects that last a lifetime to invest sustainably in our future?