Merci is THE eco-chic concept store in the French capital. The store’s taste for beauty and simplicity are now world famous. Regularly invited to the different corners of the globe as the curator of confidential brands, Merci likes to slip a La Compagnie du Kraft notebook into its luggage, including the XL jotter with an impressive number of highly resistant natural Kraft pages. Impossible to find and in high demand, the notebook needed to re-edited.   

Merci has become an amazing showcase for any brand. Kraft has been present on its shelves for a long time, always trying to bring fresh inspiration, even though our culture is far from fast - we don’t launch new products each season nor do we undertake yearly makeovers. Objects that are meant to last take a long time to build. In 2018, we created simple packaging that we tested with all our clients, an approach popular in the leather goods sector. Think cotton bags and simple, discrete and personalised labelling.  

Merci MERCI.