These notebooks are amazing. They are beautiful, they are resistant, they love nature, they smell good, they follow your lead, they listen to you, and they improve with age. What’s more, you can have several in different colours. All this without an inappropriate comment from anyone.
Eddie Roschi – Founder of New York perfumery LE LABO

Le Labo was the very first brand we collaborated with back in 2008. 
The idea was to create a product respecting the perfumer’s simple, clearly defined codes and motto “the devil is in the detail”. When used, the notebook released a smoky, woody and incredibly soft fragrance, the brand’s best-selling SANTAL 26.

This technique is common in sampling but using our savoir-faire we were able to apply it on a large scale across the entire surface of the notebook cover and interior. We also developed a special conservation technique, so the notebook would retain its scent for a long time.  

This collaboration is still active 10 years later inspired by the brand’s different perfumes including GRAMERCY PARK HOTEL of New York City.