Caroline Karénine’s art is as efficient and sure of itself as any Keith Haring painting, except that it is staged on the skin. But not only. Caroline is slowly moving beyond the world of tattoo art to experiment with materials and express herself differently. Her young editor, La Ligne Noire, therefore asked La Compagnie du Kraft to collaborate on a series of 4 notebooks showcasing the same graphic design with different marking techniques. These innovative “tattooed” notebooks also required us to rethink our techniques. 

Discover the artist’s desire to step outside her familiar environment.  


Caroline, are these “off the skin” projects an extension of your work as a tattoo artist or do they represent the desire to do something different ?  
Being a tattoo artist means adapting to new circumstances, constraints, people and desires every day. I approach this off-the-skin work in the same way, so I consider it more in terms of continuity. I’m adapting my universe to new materials with different challenges to create the best possible visual impact.

Was it easy to move away from tattoos ? What has this savoir-faire brought to your accessories ? 
It wasn’t all that difficult to move away from the world of tattooing and apply my know-how to accessories. I try to find a design that is as harmonious as possible and dress the object as aesthetically as possible. My vision of tattoos is a vision of the whole body. By reading the body, highlighting its lines and making the design dynamic, you can beautify the body. For me, designing accessories and objects is the same. You have to use the characteristics of the object and its function to make it visually appealing. 

What inspires your universe ? What values have you transposed to the world of accessories ? 
My main source of inspiration is travelling and the images I bring back with me - the architectural details I discover, the paintings and the vegetation. I’m also attracted to feminine images and forms like ethnic jewellery, henna patterns and different representations of women. I admire women who exude strength and benevolence. I deconstruct these influences in my work and apply them to different materials. 

How do you see your accessories evolving ? 
Just like my tattoo work. I hope to always take things to their conclusion with more impact and more sensitivity.   

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