"Jitensha" means "bicycle" in Japanese. This young French brand specialises in minimalist, personalisable bikes inspired by Japan. They take the bicycle market upside down in a stand against over-equipped, over-loaded designs. The results are very exciting.

Jitensha was originally a customer of La Compagnie du Kraft - bike labels, paper for user guides and warranties and calling cards in line with the brand’s values. But, when the owners of the two companies unexpectedly crossed paths, the magic really began. The pair had a similar approach to simple, lasting products that can be personalised, as well as a shared benevolence, belief in freedom of expression and desire to be sincere and authentic. 

From this encounter, the Single Speed bag was born, which the La Compagnie du Kraft crafted with Jitensha as the perfect saddle accessory. Next step ? la Compagnie du Kraft and Jitensha are busy preparing a joint project. Watch this space.