As we tirelessly remind you, at La Compagnie du Kraft, all our notebooks, journals and agendas are completely reusable and refillable. That’s why you’ll also find a complete range of Kraft paper refill paper pads on sale for each design, whether standard or limited edition. Every refill paper pad comes with nickel-finished screws, so you can archive the old pages, or replace the existing bindings. Whatever type of notebook you have - leather cover, Kraft cover, iStuff notebook or agenda – you’ll find a paper to match. Not sure which refill paper pad to choose for your favourite notebook? We’d be delighted to guide you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

NB. Since 2015, all our leather notebooks and agendas are interchangeable – you can now refill your leather notebook with standard Kraft paper or an agenda paper pad.