iStuff Notepads

With covers made from recycled tractor tubes or oiled leather from Averyron, these notebooks adopt a now familiar format. The iStuff notebook range is a nod, as the name suggests, to those high-technology devices we can longer do without. You choose which way round to use them, except with lined paper which transforms the notebook into a reporter’s notepad, and how to use it – travel journal, sketchbook, notebook? Like its famous counterparts, it can also be charged…with Kraft paper. As all La Compagnie du Kraft notebooks are personalisable, you can engrave your initials in the leather cover or print a special message at the bottom of each page. This is a long-term investment in an object filled with (your) character. A word of warning - material shortages means that the days of our air-tube iStuff notebooks are numbered. For the moment, they are still available online, but may well soon become collectors’ items.