Natural Kraft Cover Notebooks

With reinforced 100% natural virgin fibre Kraft covers, these notebooks have been cult since the 1930s and are now available for sale online at Compagnie du Kraft, much to the delight of aficionados. The crisscrossing fibres of the Kraft paper mean the Kraft covers are ultra-resistant and, as they get older, they develop on a stonewashed appearance that you’re sure to love. Whether you’re looking for a small pocket notebook or a large workbook, choose from an array of 12 colours and 3 formats with a total of more than different 300 combinations available – pick the format, cover colour, binding screw colour and finish, and paper finish. You can also further personalise your notebooks by printing a special message at the bottom of each page. Why not add your name and contract details or leave an inspiring message for the lucky recipient of the notebook ?