La Compagnie du Kraft


In the past, the workshop was a male affair, which had been creating notebooks for foresters to scribble down instructions on how to cut down pine trees and manage plots since 1928. Since being revived, the challenge of creating robust, reusable notebooks has been taken up by a handful ambitious women.


The reviver. Working exclusively with women is easier with a slightly unstable taste for all things simple and sober. He revived the workshop with notion that "we are what we are", that marketing is about being sincere, and that even the coarsest products can contain a dash of elegance and delicateness.

There is multi-tasking, multi-channel and multi-function. And then, there is Julie. She has the keys to every door and cupboard in the workshop. If she had more space, she would keep on filling the workshop with paper and leather. She is cautious about Nicolas' brainwaves, but always open to discussion.

Production, customer service, delivery and organic almonds, she is control of everything, or almost. It is no easy task producing 25.000 items every year in 12m2, but she plans on doubling the workspace by adding a mezzanine made from bamboo grown on her balcony. All she needs is a driving licence to transport the bamboo to the workshop.


Essential, adj : something that is absolutely necessary. Fundamental to the nature of something or someone.
Air is essential for life to exist. 
Like an antique perfume, highly prized collector’s item or treasured heirloom, your writing is precious and embodies who you are. Verba volant, scripta manent, spoken words fly away, written words remain. Our “essence” is to provide you with a special place to store this writing that is easy to use and resists the passage of time. In these notebooks, you will only find what is essential – your thoughts, inner words, the print of your hands on the cover…the traces of you.