A4 Kraft Notebook - Natural

A4 Kraft Notebook - Natural

La Compagnie du Kraft


To create your notebook : select your choice of paper and binding screws (you’ll need to make up your mind to complete the order).

Why not also personalise your notebook ? You could print a special message on each page.


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A4 Kraft Notebook - Natural
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Made from pure wood fibres, our Kraft paper notebooks have been designed as an efficient tool in your hectic everyday life, without sacrificing simplicity and elegance. This 100% natural Kraft paper from Gascony is comprised of crisscrossing virgin fibres for unprecedented resistance and assembled by hand in our traditional workshop. Modernised with metal screws and finer paper a decade ago, this 90-year-old notebook has stood the test of time. Easy to top up, take part and put back together, your notebook is 100% reusable and can accompany at every step. It is simple - keep your Kraft cover and fill up with the pages of your choice from an overwhelming array of finishes. When the time comes, unscrew the bindings to insert the new pages and archive the old ones using the set provided. To go one step further, why not personalise your notebook by printing a special message at the bottom of each page? This personal, modern yet timeless object can be used for every situation and gifted for any occasion.


The A4 format (large) is more like a workbook than a simple notebook. With exactly the same characteristics as the smaller formats, e.g. back pocket and detachable pages, it is a highly practical tool that is easy to use tool at home and the office, despite its size. The supple leather wraps effortlessly around the bindings to make a little extra space on your desk. A word of warning, it is impressive and will cause quite a stir.


As its name suggest, NATURAL doesn’t contain any dye at all. It is the colour of the virgin wood fibres used to produce our natural Kraft paper. With this cover, YOU add the element of surprise with an illustration, doodle or quotation, rather like a tattoo. The options are limitless and, as the notebook is very robust, you’ll be able to admire your work for years to come. If you decide to leave the cover as it is, the areas of wear will create subtle contrasts.



  • A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm) / writing surface (18.5 x 29.7 cm)
  • Cover made from natural kraft paper from Gascony
  • 60 detachable pages (120 pages), carnet de boucher finish
  • Binding screws with a choice of matte nickel or brass finish (7.5mm high)
  • Elastic strap covered in rayon from Saint-Étienne, natural rubber core, removable
  • Back pocket to hold all those pieces of paper
  • Refillable notebook prepared and assembled by hand in France​​​