A6 Small Leather Notebook - Cobalt

A6 Small Leather Notebook - Cobalt

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To create your notebook : select your choice of paper and binding screws (you’ll need to make up your mind to complete the order).

Why not also personalise your leather cover with your initials or any combination of up to 5 characters ? You could also print a special message on each page.


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A6 Small Leather Notebook - Cobalt
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Our leather notebooks have been crafted as an efficient tool in your hectic everyday life, without sacrificing simplicity and elegance. Easy to top up, take part and put back together, your notebook is 100% reusable and can accompany at every step. It is simple - keep the robust leather cover and top up with the pages of your choice from an overwhelming array of finishes. When the time comes, unscrew the bindings to insert the new pages and archive the old ones using the set provided. To go one step further, why not completely personalise your notebook ? You could engrave your initials on the cover and/or print a message at the bottom of each page. This personal, modern yet timeless object can be used in every situation and gifted for any occasion. The personalisation and patina that develops over time mean your notebook will reflect who you are, whether you are a nomad, urbanite, adventurer or all a bit of all three !


The A6 format (small) is particularly well suited to compact handbags and purses, but also adept at sliding into large coat or jacket pockets. Supple, easy to use and highly transportable with micro-perforated pages, this format is ideal for noting down all your ideas, remembering important pieces of information, taking down contact details and jotting down reminders. The back pocket is also very practical for keeping all your tickets, business cards and small pieces of paper in one place. Why not opt to personalise the pages by adding your phone number, email or address ? It’ll be lifesaver if you’re ever caught short of calling cards !



This leather shade was created for the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation in Arles during the residence of Franco-Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming. His previously monochrome paintings started to incorporate splashes of colour including a vibrant blue that we tried to reproduce during the tanning process. We chose to continue offering this colour as reminder of the intense research that went into developing the natural pigments. Cobalt blue is one of the darker shades in our collection. You may notice that, over the first few days, the edges become shiner and darker – this is perfectly natural as these areas are the first to get rubbed and knocked. Exposed to sunlight, the notebook will develop its own unique patina over time – you will discover nuances ranging from dark blue to grey and even black. A best-seller among women, this colour is also a popular with our male customers.



  • A6 format (15 x 10.5 cm) / writing surface (15 x 8.5 cm)
  • Cover made from oiled leather, Aveyron (France), vegetable tanned
  • 60 detachable pages (120 pages), carnet de boucher finish
  • Binding screws with a choice of matte nickel or brass finish (7.5mm high)
  • Elastic strap covered in rayon from Saint-Étienne, natural rubber core, removable
  • Back pocket to hold all those pieces of paper
  • Refillable notebook prepared and assembled by hand in France
  • Authenticity certificate hand signed by the manufacturer