Alexöne Garba Edition

Alexöne Garba Edition

La Compagnie du Kraft


World famous, Alexone is particularly well-known for his figurative art and bestiary of strange characters. Placing our complete trust in his talents, we gave the artist free rein. The result ? An explosion of penguins, dogs and other creatures embossed on the leather of 3 iKone notebook and a Medium Deville notebook. For, the Kraft paper cover, Alëxone treated us to an array of colourful illustrations. You can now carry Alexöne’s creative characters wherever you go. Using visual games and mastering colour to perfection this fresco depicts the offbeat characters populating Alëxone’s world. Printed on to the cover of a Medium Reinforced Kraft Paper cover, the surprising images are guaranteed to last a long time.

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Alexöne Garba Edition
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Emerging from the world of grafitti under the pseudonym Oedipe, he spent many years mastering calligraphy before turning his attention to painting. After initially concentrating on the written world, his work becomes increasingly figurative with a penchant for animals. His world comprises masked elephants, penguins and bandits with long, turn-up noses. After several years living in Brussels, Alëxone became Alëxone Dizac. And, his artwork reaches maturity. Today, he is famous in the world of street art, many consider that he is one of the most important artists of his generation. His powerful images stand out for their amazing use of colour. Artists institutions like Centre Pompidou in 2008 (with the 9eme Concept collective) have celebrated his work with exhibitions and La Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain gave a prize place in the "Né dans la rue", retrospective in 2009. He joined la Galerie Le Feuvre in 2011 and organized a key personal exhibition in November 2012 entitled "Alacrité" (vitality).


The A5 format (medium) is perfect if you’re looking for a notebook that is easy to transport, but gives you enough space to express yourself freely. You can use your pages in a multitude of ways and choose from a wide choice of paper and finishes. Do you like to doodle ? We recommend Velin. Or, do you prefer writing long phrases and enlightening quotations ? Lined paper is your best bet. If you’re more technically minded and a fan of maths and diagrams, try squared paper. Whether at home or at work, your notebook adapts to every situation. This format is our bestseller – think of it as a folded piece of A4.



  • A5 format (21x15cm) / writing surface (21x12,5cm)
  • Cover made from natural kraft paper from Gascony
  • 60 detachable pages (120 pages), carnet de boucher finish
  • Binding screws with a choice of matte nickel or brass finish (7.5mm high)
  • Elastic strap covered in rayon from Saint-Étienne, natural rubber core, removable (except for iStuff)
  • Back pocket to hold all those pieces of paper
  • Refillable notebook prepared and assembled by hand in France