iKraft Leather Notepad - Perù

iKraft Leather Notepad - Perù

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The iKraft format is perfect for creative (slightly disorganised) types looking for a notebook that’s easy to traipse around but big enough to spread out all their ideas. As standard, it is fitted out with blank Velin Kraft paper to bring out your creativity and encourage you to scribble away to your heart’s content. Whether at home or at the office, the notebook adapts to every situation.

To create your notebook : select your choice of paper and the binding screw finish (you’ll need to make up your mind to complete the order).

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iKraft Leather Notepad - Perù
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You can use your notebook whichever way round you want for notes, sketches, travel stories, doodles – it is completely up to you. We have even added an ultra-rigid cardboard support, so it is easier to write or draw while standing. Like its iconic counterparts, it can be charged…with Kraft paper! Simply keep the two tractor tube boards that make up the cover and fill up with the paper of your choice. When the time comes, unscrew the bindings to insert the new pages. This way it will never run out, so you can use it as often and as long as you want.



Peru is our most discreet, yet fascinating, leather. Depending on the type and amount of light, the colour will appear slightly different in the eyes of each viewer – some will describe the dark brown as deep Bordeaux, others rich chocolate. As for all darker leathers, the patina forms round the edges darkening to, in some cases, black. The leather will start to shine, particularly where it has rubbed. Depending on your point of view, the nuances will range from dark brown to black with purple and Bordeaux hues. Popular with both sexes, the brass screws are a perfect match and will make your notebook a remarkable object.




  • iKraft format (24x19.3cm) / writing surface (24x19.3cm)
  • Cover made from oiled leather, Aveyron (France), vegetable tanned
  • 60 detachable pages (120 pages)
  • Binding screws with matte nickel finish (7.5mm high)
  • Refillable notebook prepared and assembled by hand in France